A new product that allows you to lose weight has hit the market. It is called Actislim Platinum and its advertisements claim that is absolutely natural and useful. The same company has developed a previous product called Actislim Ultra, but they claim that the Platinum version is better than its predecessor.

Manufactured in the UK, Actislim is designed to help those who live in the hectic pace of modern civilizations. Many people are not able to cook and exercise properly because they just do not have the time to do it. The role of Actislim is to ensure that these people can stay slim by consuming a pill two hours after a meal. It is said that you will feel satisfied for a long time, without the need of eating anything else.

There are some characteristics to take into account before concluding that Actislim Platinum is better than Actislim Ultra. Let’s take a look at them.

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If you visit Actislim Platinum’s website, you will out some information about the manufacturer. The information points that Actislim is produced by a British company located in Hartlepool, England, known as Studio Products. But if you go to Amazon, there you will find that the name of company is Global Beauty rather than Studio Products. Weird, isn’t it?

Four products are offered in Actislim Platinum’s website. Besides Actislim Ultra and Actislim Platinum, you can purchase a detoxification pill to cleanse your inner organs and also a ketonic capsule that has raspberries as one of is ingredients. The manufacturer recommends buying both Actislim Platinum and Actislim Night to achieve better results.

Studio Products’ website is incomplete and lacks data. The only information provided is its contact information and its address. You will not gain any knowledge about the personnel or the history of the company.

Main Ingredients

Actislim Platinum is made of well-known natural ingredients in different proportions. They are:

  • Green Tea (40mg): the extract of this famous tea has plenty of antioxidants and can boosts energy.
  • Ginger root (10mg): the powder of this root improves your digestion and it lowers the cholesterol levels.
  • GinkgoBiloba(25mg): in the leaves of this herb are some great chemicals that reduce fatigue and enhance recollection.
  • Vitamin C (5mg): this vitamin is included in the product in the form of powder.
  • Caffeine (150mg): scientifically known as trimethyxanthine, we already know that this ingredient makes you awake and alert.
  • Actislim Platinumalso has 15mg of garlic herb powder,50mg of chitosan powder and 37.5mgof acti-phen hydrochloride.


Actislim Ultra, prior to Actislim Platinum, was designed to control cravings. Its successor is even more efficient, as it contains ingredients that provide energy, like caffeine and green tea. Besides giving you energy, these components make you active and therefore you can burn a lot of calories. A combination of reduction of cravings, energy boost and physical activity will make lose weight.

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Actislim Platinum benefits

  • Stronger than Actislim Ultra
  • Reduces appetite
  • Beats fatigue
  • Produced with naturalingredients

Actislim Platinum Disadvantages

  • High-priced
  • Not scientifically proven
  • Lot of caffeine

Actislim Platinum Effects

The manufacturer assures that Actislim Platinum is more efficient than Actislim Ultra. Furthermore, they claim that by using this product people will lose weight in a very fast and surprising way.

Actislim Platinum Price, Dose and Frequency

If you are not so sure about buyingActislim, you can try the product first.

There are four pills in the trial version at a £4.95 cost. Once you are satisfied with Actislim, you can get a bottle full of capsules at £14.95. The bottle will last a week.

A whole month’s supply of Actislim can be yours for £39.95.

You should consume two pills per day. The first one should be taken in the morning and the second one in the afternoon, but before three PM. Have something to eat and then use the pill, not the other way round. When using Actislim, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Some Side Effects

There is a lot of caffeine in Actislim – approximately the same amount contained in two cups of coffee. Those who are caffeine intolerant should not use this product, as it may cause insomnia, agitation, stress and trembling. Do not drink coffee when doing a treatment with Actislim.

Warnings Regarding Actislim Platinum

Even though there are amazing natural ingredients in the composition of the product, the amounts used are not enough to nurture your body. For example, let’s take into account Vitamin C. You should take 75 mg of this vitamin each day. Actislim has 5 mg per pill. This amount is not enough to satisfy the recommended quantity of Vitamin C. You have to get this from the food you consume.

To sum up

Actislim Platinumis not the most efficient product. Other labels beat this one at lower prices and better results. Actislim Platinumis rather expensive and it does not have much to provide.

If you keep reading, you will gather information about the best products that allow you to lose weight. They are measured taking into account five core factors: ingredients, efficiency, effect on metabolism, help regarding how to lose weight and appetite reduction. Each product has a thoroughly analysis that will help you decide which one is right for you.

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