Many of us love food, adore eating a chocolate bar and do not have regular meals. We enjoy eating in the evening, sometimes even after 9pm while watching fascinating TV shows. These entire habits put together mean that we cannot lose weight. So either we find some extra time to exercise more or we go on a diet.

A great solution to slim down is trying theExante Diet. This diet is actually a program that replaces meals for a week. It gives amazing results in a short period of time. Once you order the Exante Diet, you have to wait a few days. Then you receive a package with VLCD meals. VLCD means “Very Low Calorie Diet” and the meals included in this program are designed to help you lose weight by eating less and feeling full at the same time.

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Exante Package

An Exante Diet package includes:

  • 1 oatporridge
  • 6 shakes in 4 different flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banana
  • 3 diet bars in 2 flavors: raison and chocolate, andtoffee with nuts
  • 11 soups in 4 different flavors: tomato and basilvegetables, mushroom, chicken

A whole package lasts a week. To obtain the best results you should avoid snacking or consuming other foods. Only eat the VLCD meals and drink a lot of water to become a slimmer and healthy version of yourself.

Exante Options

Exante Diet offers three different options depending on your needs and weight loss objectives. The Total Solution Exante Diet provides 3 Exantemeals per day and a total daily intake of 600 calories. This option is for those who are obese or extremely overweight and need to lose extra pounds really fast.

On the other hand, there is a plan for those who have to slim down without reducing the calorie intake so drastically. The plan is called the Working Solution Plan and it is aLCD diet, which means Low Calories Diet. When you follow this diet you can eat 3 Exante meals per day plus an extra meal. The four meals must have a total of 1000 calories. The third option is similar to the Working Solution Plan, but is known as Simple Solution Plan and you can consume 1200 calories each day.

Exante Meals

The meals are really good and tasty. When you receive your package you may feel a little bit panicky because there aren’t any meals like spaghetti Bolognese, or shepherd’s pie or red bean chili. Buy you have to remember that in order to get fast results you should change some habits only for one week. You had delicious food that will make you forget about a cheese hamburger!

The diet bars are absolutely great. You are going to enjoy a lot eating them because you will be eating chocolate and different kinds of nuts without ingesting so many calories. Thediet shakes also have appetizingflavors. If you like to experiment with new tastes in your mouth you can choose bolder options, like Toffee Carmel or Chocolate Mint. If you are a traditional person, you will do just fine with the usual suspects – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banana.

You can spice soups up if you want to. Spices do not have calories and very important in the weight loss process because they enhance your metabolism. A strong metabolism means that you are going to burn more calories, faster. So add a little bit of fresh basil or pepper and take your soups to the next level. Another positive aspect about the soups is that theyareeasy andquick to prepare.

For breakfast you will have a big bowl of oat porridge. The bowl contains about 200ml to give the energy you need to start up your day in the best possible mood!

Exante Results

The Exante Diets really work! You will lose up to 4 pounds at the end of the week using the replacement meals. What are you waiting for? Go get it!

Exante Summary

If you need to lose weight and you never tried a diet consisting in meal replacements you should give it a go to the diets provided by Exante. The pricing starts at only £3.87 per day, an amount of money that will not break your budget. Exante Diets are100 % natural because the meals do not have aspartame, MSG, Trans fats or GM ingredients. Your organism will receive good quality food and will lose the extra pounds that are bothering you. Try all the different flavors to avoid boredom and also to identify those you enjoy most.

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Start right now, right here, today. Order the Exant Diet that best suits your needs and slim down in only one week in a quickly, painlessly and easily way.

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