Methodology X is an exercise program that combines different types of exercises. The best part of it is than you can practice it at home! The program allows you to learn relevant training tips linked to maximal interval training which means acquiringwide-ranging body movement patterns. Its creator, Dan Roberts, is strength and conditioning coach, as well as a certified personal trainer. If you follow the program Methodology X, you will learn the same techniques Roberts’ has taught to Hollywood actresses, other personal trainers, professional athletes, business leaders, bikini models, fashion models and even the British royalty!

The program combines dancing, strength training, pilates, plyometrics and martial arts. It lasts 21 days and embarks you on a discovery journey. By following Methodology X you will connect with the athlete that is living inside you, and at the same you willcreate a lean, firm, hot and healthy body for yourself. Dan Robert has devoted a lot of time in creating the program and because of his thoughtful approach you canbe sure that you will achieve maximum results in the shortest time.

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The workouts are progressive and are directed atidentifying the places of your body that need to be toned up.Methodology X is recommended by happy customers,fitness experts and media professionals worldwide. It really works. That is why everyone is so willing to endorse the program!

You will not feel alone when following the program because all the exercises are accompanied by a “why” disclaimer and thorough explanations on how to them. Moreover, Methodology X can be followed by using a laptop, a smart phone, a computer or a laptop.

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Dan Roberts Résumé

He is the most well-known and reputed personal trainerof all Europe. Dan has been working as a coach for 20 years and during his amazing career he has worked with Brazilian supermodels, professional athletes andHollywood actors in the United States of America. He himself has a career as an athlete! Dan has competed in Muay Thai, tennis and lacrosse. He has even run ultra-marathons! That more than 26 miles running, guys! Besides, Dan loves rock climbing and skiing.

Dan has founded a renownedwell-being andfitness organization known as The Dan Roberts Group ( The organization’skey values are teaching and inspiring people worldwide to begin embracing an athletic life and fall in love with improving their own bodies.

You want more? There is more! Dan writes for two reputed fitness magazines and he also gives fitness advice for the international media.

With Methodology X will:

  • Reduce your hip size without changing your diet.
  • Firm up your arms,bottom, abdomen, and inner thighs.
  • Make you look and feel fit from the moment you begin the program.
  • Develop your coordination, balance andendurance.
  • Strengthen your backand lower core.
  • Learn about routines used by really fit people.

How is Methodology X?

After buying the program, you receive a downloadable e-book full oflinks to online videos for the exercises andimages illustrating them. Dan also offers two expert reports on yoga and nutrition. You will get the e-book and the two reports at only$39.95!

How does the program work?

Every day of the program poses a brand new challenge. The first day is kind of easy. You will feel satisfied and motivated after completing the first day. The techniquesget gradually harder with each day. You will not be bored because you will learn new and funny exercises.

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After the fourth or fifth day you will begin feeling positive improvements in your figure. After fifteen days, those around you will start noticing betterments in your body. The first fifteen days are devoted to prepare you. The preparation is both physically and mentally because the third week is rigorous. Week 3 is known as the“Methodology X World Tour”because you will sweat at lot!

If you really want to practice the exercises detailed in the program in the appropriate way, you will need to get a gym ball, a stopwatch and the willpower to get out of your comfort zone forever!

Positive aspects of Methodology X

Improved physical appearance – If you followthe programprecisely as taught by Dan, you will obtain a hot andlean look. Methodology X focuses on reducing your waist and hip sizes, two very problematic areas for all of as. At the same time, it tonesand firms up the abdomen, the arms, theinner thighs and the bottom.

Increased body’s functionality – By concentrating in your body as a whole, instead of just focusing on isolated muscles, you will improve your kinetic functions, yourbalance and your coordination.

Brand new perspective– Methodology X brings a holistic philosophy regarding your body. This philosophy helps you improve your relationship with your figure. You will be able to fall in love with your own body and you will also learn the amazing things it can achieve if you push a little harder.

Practical approach on exercising – The routines offered in Methodology X could be followed wherever you want. You don’t have to go to the gym to complete the program. You’ll be able to absorb unique techniquesthat will tone up the important areas of your figure and that will also help you slim down without leaving your house. After a few days on the program you will think and move as an athlete.

Only 30 minutes each day – The program offersreally intensive exercises that come from set training, pre fatiguing protocols andHIIT. The routine will be completed in less than 30 minutes. “I don’t have the time” is no longer a valid excuse!

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Have fun! – Those who have benefited from the program have claimed that they significantly enjoy the routines and look forward to completing it every day.

Interactive program– Methodology X is displayed as a multimedia e-book. Besides, you can participate and interact in the program community on Facebook andTwitter.

sIncreased energy levels and stamina – Week 3 of Methodology X challenges every one’s cardio system by the application ofsupramaximal interval training. Your stamina levels will skyrocket this week because you will force your lungs and heart to adjust to the power of the routines.

Stronger you –The program firms up your figure without making you look like Hulk. You will get a core and lower back strengthened and your muscles will endure like rocks.

Negative aspects of Methodology X

There are no negative aspects linked to the program! The truth is that you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to become a better you.

But this is not a con, on the contrary. If you follow the program, you will slim down, improve your overall health and feel really good about the way you look.

You have to sweat to achieve these amazing results, but I promise it is worth it! You won’t be disappointed.

Money back promise

Methodology X has a 30 days money back promise. Dan guarantees you that if you conscientiously follow the program for 21 days and you don’t see any results, you can request your money without questions asked.

Purchase Methodology X

You shouldbuy the program only through the official websiteto get the comprehensive version of Methodology X at the best price.

To sum up

Methodology X is an absolutely must try! The techniques and exercises that are taught in the program, and also theillustrative images and videos make this a great way of getting fit without leaving your house. Moreover, the program is quite cheap and has a money back promiseso you have nothing to lose. Twothumbs up!

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