Are you tired of trying to lose weight and have no success? Are you tired of embarking yourself in different diet regimes and using weight loss supplements that do not work? You don’t have to suffer any longer! My-Gene-Diet has arrived to help you. Supported by years of genetic and scientific researches, this revolutionary diet brings you a personal and specialized diet regime and an exercise program that work according to your specific type of body and your needs. Read on and learn why My-Gene-Diet is an amazing way of slimming down and stay slender!

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What is My-Gene-Diet?

The people behind My-gene-diet analyze your DNA looking for eight gene variations that are linked to your diet and hunger. Based on the results they recommend an appropriate diet and exercise routine. This means that your genes are the ones pointing out what you should eat and how you should work out. The diets based on DNA are reallypowerful because they are organizedtaking into account your specific gene variations. Therefore, you can concentrate on a diet that battles against the bad genes that affect your weight loss process. Natures Remedies Ltd is a company that develops effective products in the weight loss industry. This firm and Danish inventors have created My-Gene-Diet.

How does My-Gene-Dietwork?

My-gene-diet tests those gene variations that have the highest impact on food behavior, hunger, weight management and exercise habits. First, you have to take a swab sample from within your mouth (Natures Remedies Ltd sends you the swab test kit when you order the service) and send the swab sample back to them. Then, they analyze the sample and send acustomizeddescription and they recommend a diet planand exercise routine that is suitable to you.

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You don’t have to understand the characteristics of the gene variations that are going to be analyzed from your DNAsample toget My-gene-diet. But if you want to obtain a deeper knowledge about them, keep reading.

FTO gene (fat mass and obesity-related protein): The variations in this very common genemake you eat more because it producespotent feeling of hunger that creates cravings and therefore weight gain.Recent researches have shown that a presence of a double variation called GV3 in the FTO gene, the levels of the ‘hunger hormone’ known as ghrelin do not decline as much when you are eating and grow upfaster after meals. This explains why you have hunger attacks. Brain studies performed on subjectsthat have the double variationGV3 shown that they are more prone to eating sweets or foods high in fats even after eating a full meal.

ADRB2 gene (beta-2-adrenergic receptor protein): This protein is located in fat cells. It is concerned with thetransportation of fat to be used as energy. My-gene-diet analyzes two variations in this specific gene.

APOA2 gene (apolipoprotein A-11):Those who have variations in this gene are susceptible to gain weight when they eat tons of saturated fats.

NMB gene (protein neuromedin B): This protein controls the amount of food we take. Variations in this gene areconnected with unhealthy eating behaviors,overweight and obesity.

ACTN3 gene (alpha-actinin-3 protein): Is present in skeletal muscles. The possible variations in this gene defineif muscles are best suited to perform fast physical activity or, instead, are best at endurance.

My-gene-diet also brings individual coaching provided byan experienced team to help you start with the weight loss plan based on the information obtain from your DNA swab sample. The firm offers a telephone line for consultations to deliberate and designe a plan especially developed for you to help you improveyour lifestyle by making the right changes according to your gene analysis results. By talking to them you can talk about the results of the DNA sample and the details of your current habits to organize an exercise and plan suitable to your daily life.

Besides, My-gene-diet offers diet supplements that enhancethe diet and exercise routines to provide you with apowerful weight loss process. Natures Remedies Ltd manufactures two 100 % natural supplements that are used worldwide. They are Fibretrim and Zotrim.It is a responsible, genuine and seriouscompany. To slim down, trust them. You won`t regret it!

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Why you shouldget My-gene-diet?

This is aimed at those who have used a lot of weight loss products and have followed many diet programs with no results. Maybe you saw that people around you benefited from some trending diet or type of physical activity, but when you tried it you achieved nothing. We are unique individuals, so we will not obtain the same results by doing the same things. Every one’s food choices and eating habits are different from the food choices and eating habits applied by other ones. My-gene-diet was developed taking into account that our genes have specific modifications to take into account in the losing weight process. Get into the official website and become a better you!

Does My-gene-diet really work?

This program is customized according to YOUR precise gene variations. The genes convey the blueprint of our wholeorganism and its functions.These genes exist in every cell of our body. There are two copies of each gene – one from our mom and one from our dad. Our siblings do not necessary have the same variations that we have. Moreover, our children may not have the same variations that we have. Our children also have two copies of every gene. We are all different.

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As we are all different, we need to follow specific food habits. My-gene-diet knows this and that is why it really works. It provides you with a solution tailored ONLY for you. The exercise and diet regimes offered after analyzing your sample do not work for your siblings, your parents or your children. They are specifically for you, to improve your own body and health. So what are you waiting for to transform into a better you?

To sum up

  • Company: Natures Remedies Ltd, United Kingdom.
  • DNA report: Within three weeks.
  • Side effects: No side effects.
  • Discretion guaranteed: Your personal information will be protectedin safe databases and only used for the stated procedure. The DNA sample will be destroyed once the full analysis has been finished. Your personal information is not goingto be stored once you received your report.
  • Return policy: You are able to return the product when you mail the sample back to the company. You will be refunded in full if you inform the company of your decision by email within 7 days of ordering the product.

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