A new product that allows you to lose weight has appeared in the market. Its name isOptimus Green Coffee Beans Extract. The supplement was developed by RDK Global, the top selling manufacturer in the weight loss market.

RDK Global makes products that are approved by the Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA) from the United States. The company also follows the standards impose by the European Union, assuring the best quality in weight loss supplements. It has different brands that are always ranked in the top positions of customer satisfaction polls.

Optimus Green Coffee Beans Extract is based on green coffee extract. This amazing ingredient haschlorogenic acid(GCA), a chemical that reduces blood sugar and boosts metabolism.

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Characteristics Of Optimus Green Coffee Beans Extract

  • 100% natural
  • Enhancesfatburning
  • Scientifically proven
  • Efficient without changes in lifestyle
  • Helps you lose weight in a gradual, healthy and steady way
  • No sideeffects

Description Of Optimus Green Coffee Extract

Optimus pills are a top-notch weight loss product that contains green coffee beans extract. Green coffee beans are coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. When roasted, coffee beans have less amounts of chlorogenic acid (GCA). This acid causes health benefits regarding weight loss, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Due to the fact that green coffee beans have a lot of GCA, they are a great tool for controlling blood pressure and blood sugar. GCA also increases the rate by which the body is able to metabolize fat. By doing this, it helps you lose weight.

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Dr. Oz, a famous doctor and TV host, is responsible for giving green coffee beans a lot of media exposure. He has claimed that this ingredient is effective in helping people to lose weight. Furthermore, he conducted an experiment to test green coffee beans for efficiency. The study endorsed the results of previous experiments, where the conclusion was that green coffee beans extract aid weight loss by enhancing the process of metabolizing body fat as energy.

Benefits Of Using Optimus Green Coffee Extract

Optimus Green Coffee Extracthas 50% chlorogenic acid, the appropriate amount to boost metabolism and therefore lose weight. Other labels don’t have this high percentage of chlorogenic acid, so don’t take chances. Buy Optimus Green Coffee Extract and relaxed because you have the best product for weight loss!

The label Optimus is one of the many products manufactured by RDK Global. This company leads the weight loss market. It is a serious, responsible and genuine firm. To stay healthy, trust them, not other scams that are over there and can put you in jeopardy.

Main Ingredients

Optimus Green Coffee Extract is absolutely natural and safe. Each pill has:

  • 1000mg of green coffee beansextract
  • 50% of GCA (chlorogenicacid)
  • No otherfillers

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You should use two capsules per day of Optimus Green Coffee Extract to obtain the best results. Since Optimus has green coffee beans extract, a lot of people think that caffeine is the active ingredient. It’s not. Roasted coffee has much more caffeine than green coffee beans. Green coffee beans contain morechlorogenic acid, which disappears in the roasting process. This means that Optimus helps you lose weight without the side effects produced by caffeine.


Discounts in bulk orders are available if you buy the product through its official site. A 30 day supply costs $45.95, a 3 month supply costs $89.95 (you pay for two bottles and get one for free), and a 5 month supply costs $149.95 (you pay for three bottles and get two for free).

The company has a return policy for those who haven’t lose weight after using the pills for 30 days.

Possible Side Effects

Due to the fact that Optimus Green Coffee Extract is natural and safe there are no side effects linked to the product. However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or caffeine intolerant, you should consult your doctor before buying the product.

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Success Stories

Optimus Green Coffee Extract has been unvaryinglyrecommended by people who used the pills to lose the extra pounds that were bothering them.

The official Optimus Green Coffee Extract sitecontains many testimonials of men and women who have lost weight (and stay slim) thanks to Optimus Green Coffee Extract.

Those who have used Optimus state to have lost up to 20 pounds in only four weeks or drop a dress size thanks to the product. They also have claimed that they no longer have a puffy face, orextra fat in their legs, hips and arms. Women who have gained a lot of weight after pregnancy have recovered their ideal bodies after a regular use of the pills. What are you waiting for to become a better you?

To Sum Up

Optimus Green Coffee Extract has gained a lot of praise because it really works. It contains 50 % ofchlorogenic acid, one of the most effective natural chemicals to lose weight. Besides, it is absolutely safe and natural so you will lose weight without suffering from any side effects.

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When you slim down, you enjoy many benefits. You look better and feel good. At the same time, you are healthier, happier, more satisfied and confident about yourself. By using Optimus, you will lose weight and keep it off in no time. Go for it!

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